Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics

Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics - Official Opening

18th October 2002

The Prime Minister Tony Blair opened the Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics on 18 October 2002. During his visit Mr Blair said:" I have no doubt at all that great things will be done and discovered here. For a new generation of young people in an area like this, which has gone through massive economic changes in the past few years, it offers the prospect of a future that they can both work in, understand and prosper in".

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The Prime Minister Tony Blair arrives



Professor Stirling speaks with the Prime Minister. The Ogden Centre is committed to working with local schools

Professor Frenk explains the research carried out by the ICC group

Dr Peter Ogden discusses the role of the Ogden Trust

The Prime Minister and Professor Mike Pennington

Professor Mike Pennington gives a presentation to the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister addresses the audience

The Prime Minister unveils the official plaque

Dr Peter Ogden signs the visitor book

The Vice Chancellor, Sir Kenneth Calman, signs the visitor book

From left to right:-

Sir Kenneth Calman, Dr Peter Ogden, Professor Carlos Frenk, Professor James Stirling.


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