Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics

Inauguration of the Ogden Centre

15th November 2002

The new Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics opened its doors on 15 November 2002 thanks to the combined support of research councils, the government,industry and the Ogden Trust itself, all of which have backed the University in providing a new building. The Centre, together with its staff and equipment, represents an additional investment of about 20 millon pounds in science in the region. It provides the opportunity to house two key branches of research: - the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology - the Institute for Computational Cosmology "ICC" in a common building. Their work represents a world-class contribution to international advances in the most fundamental building-blocks of matter, on the one hand,and the evolution of the Universe, on the other.

The Opening Programme included: Morning: 10.00 am Tour of the building followed by: 11.00 am The conferring of honorary degrees on Professor Richard Ellis, Director of Caltech Optical Observatories, and Professor Sir Peter J Ogden, Founder and Chairman of Trustees, the Ogden Trust. 12.30 am Lunch. Afternoon: 2.15 pm Talks by the Astronomer Royal Professor Sir Martin Rees and Professor Sir Christopher Llewellyn Smith, formerly Director General of CERN. 4.30 pm Tea.

   The Procession:

   The Ceremony:
Ceremony Ceremony
Ceremony Ceremony Prof Ellis & Prof Martin
Prof Bransden & Dr Peter Ogden Former Vice Chancellor and Mrs Ebsworth The Vice Chancellor, The Mayor of Durham, Dr Peter Ogden, Prof Richard Ellis

   The Grubb Parsons'
   15th November 2002
Sir Martin Rees Sir Christopher Llewellyn Smith
The Grubb Parsons Lecture The Grubb Parsons' Group Photograph

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